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Blue Lines

Blue Lines

“We have been very pleased with our association with EMPAC and believe signing up was a very smart business decision. Premiums are reasonable when compared to traditional malpractice insurers, and having the opportunity to participate at board meetings and to have access and input to those responsible for managing potential lawsuit defense has been a major improvement over our previous carrier. The attorneys that EMPAC uses are outstanding and superior to those used by our previous carrier. Financial transparency and educational support for our physicians and mid-levels are also outstanding features of EMPAC membership.”

~ Eric Alcouloumre, NEMG

“The partnership and ownership with EMPAC has been outstanding for EEPI since we joined. The close involvement between us solidifies great communication and participation in decision making. Our rates have been stable and our risk reduction has been enhanced by the education provided and the excellent claims management. We have benefitted from regular dividends as well outstanding management on the business side. EMPAC is the perfect company for groups wanting an active role in managing one of their largest expense categories.”

~ David Van Ryn MD, EEPI

“Our group could not be happier with our long term partnership with EMPAC. They have been great in offering impressive risk management programs and effective coverage, all while offering low malpractice rates. Their risk management tools have allowed all of our providers to actively participate in practical strategies that control their personal risk. Importantly, when counsel is needed, EMPAC has skilled counsel available based on specialty and venue and allows our providers to actively participate in choosing a specific defense team. The opportunity to do that, to have input at board meetings and to receive periodic dividend payments is something unheard of with traditional malpractice insurance. Combining those factors with a stable financial situation is something our group is proud to be a part of.”

~ Chris Brandenburg MD, Jill Grant MD– Senior Partners, Indiana Emergency Care

“We began our part ownership with EMPAC in October 2005. Since then we have truly appreciated our lower premiums, dividends and Dr. Diskin’s risk management updates which we have included in our quarterly departmental meetings.””

~ Michael Guinness MD, Medical Emergency Treatment Corporation – St. Lukes Hospital, Maumee Ohio

“Insuring with EMPAC has been one of the best decisions our group has ever made. EMPAC is not only our Malpractice Insurer but is our partner in the practice or Emergency Medicine. EMPAC seeks to involve all insured physicians in creating a safer Emergency Department experience resulting in better patient outcomes and reduced risk. EMPAC provides education and regular communications on current malpractice trends to significantly improve your groups awareness and level of care. Insuring with EMPAC has given our group a sense of security we haven’t experienced with any other insurer.”

~ Frederick Lee Kuhn, Jr, MD, Cape Coral

“EMPAC’s commitment to vetting groups and aligning ourselves with only the best groups has the expected consequence of decreasing claims. That advantage is compounded by physicians from these same exceptional emergency groups driving a state of the art risk education and oversight process. By improving the quality and safety of our doctor’s approach, EMPAC’s model reigns in malpractice exposure and helps patients get the quality of care they deserve. Good for both doctors and patients, how many other insurance providers can make that claim?”

~ Thomas Schaar MD, Southwest Florida Emergency Physicians, PA – Fort Myers, FL

“Our group, a mid-sized physician owned and independent group, has found our partnership with EMPAC to be very fruitful.  Our partnership with EMPAC allows us to continue to own our own risk, so to speak, and the tools that EMPAC provides makes this a very successful situation for us.  We enjoy working with the other groups that comprise EMPAC as they are all very similar in mindset and group construction and dynamics.  The groups with whom we partner in EMPAC are well respected and we all strive to practice state of the art, evidence based Emergency Medicine.  And EMPAC helps us make sure that it is done in the best way possible, from a medico-legal perspective.  The collaboration and involvement our partnership with EMPAC allows us is so much more valuable than simply writing a premium check to a traditional malpractice carrier.”

~Andy McCanna, MF, FACEP, FAAEM – Emergency Medicine of Indiana, LLC, Fort Wayne, IN

Blue Lines

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