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Blue Lines
Patient Safety & Risk Management

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Patient Safety and Risk Management are components of a successful Emergency Medicine practice. But let’s face it. Not all groups have the knowledge, the time or the resources to put together a comprehensive plan customized for their specialty. This is why EMPAC RRG decided to integrate Patient Safety and Risk Management as a basic service to its members. Not only is EMPAC dedicated to assist you in becoming a better practice, it is engaged in giving you the tools and the know how to achieve this goal.2010 marked the start of a new period for EMPAC RRG. Insureds of EMPAC now have online access to the latest trends and training in Emergency Medicine Patient Safety and Risk Management.

Our Program

A Series of Patient Safety & Risk Management Lectures

A four-hour patient safety & risk management lecture divided in four parts of approximately one hour each. This lecture touches every aspect of potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as best Emergency Medicine practice standards. Each hour is tracked and monitored to ensure that all new members view the series within the first three months of becoming a member.

Patient Safety & Risk Management “Activity of the Month”

This section is built with the intent of providing up to date risk management and patient safety education, with the ability to keep track of who is viewing the activity, how long they spend reading and/or visioning the mandatory material as well testing their comprehension and knowledge through tests and surveys at the end of each presentation. Scores are tallied by QMRM and made available to EMPAC and to the groups’ administrators as desired. Each activity is no more than 15-20 minutes and each group member’s participation compliance is monitored.

Claims Manual

For the more inquisitive type, EMPAC/QMRM’s claims manual is available to understand the steps undertaken by all of EMPAC’s partners when an incident or claim occurs.

Reporting Incident Form

For those who have been served or who simply want to report an incident, this form is at your fingertips. The information itself will be kept on EMPAC’s server, thus keeping it secure. Access to this specific information will be restricted to QMRM and EMPAC.

I Just Got Served, Now What?

Is a play by play of what you should, and should not do once you receive a Notice of Intent or Subpoena.

Interesting x-rays/ECGs

Members are invited to look at a series of hand-picked x-rays and ECGs chosen for their particularities. New entries from members are strongly encouraged.
Blue Lines

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