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Blue Lines
has established itself nationally as a leading Emergency Medicine
specialty-focused carrier. Careful selection of risk, effective delivery of
patient safety information, tough and expert claims management, and
products that better meet the multifaceted needs of today’s Emergency
Medicine groups has led to EMPAC’s overall rate stability, financial
success and recognition.

EMPAC’s most important ingredient for success is the input received
from its insured physician leaders. Through participation in governance,
they have guided the development of products and services as well as
administrative policies and organizational strategies that sets EMPAC

EMPAC is committed to meeting the liability needs of today’s Emergency
Medicine groups by mitigating risks, sharing control, creating stability
and being the clear alternative to the traditional malpractice carrier.


At EMPAC, we value your input, your contribution
and your loyalty. As physician-owners you are
encouraged to participate in the control,
governance and direction of your company.


EMPAC leaders and staff are all experts in their
respective fields. From underwriting to claims
management, your practice is in the hands of some the
best in the industry. Not to mention the invaluable
knowledge you bring to the table as successful EM
physicians and business owners.



AMTrust, our reinsurance
partner, is rated “A” by A.M. Best. Excess
profit distribution goes exclusively to active
members through dividends.


EMPAC understands what is important to you: patient care
and hospital satisfaction. Our patient safety & risk
management program is built to promote safe practice and
quality of service. By sharing our knowledge on the latest
trends, we put you at the forefront of your specialty.

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